Special Door Hardware

We proudly announce that we have added full line of high quality door hardware products to our portfolio. We are partnering with World's leading manufacturers such as Hager Co. of USA and Abloy OY of Finland.

About HAGER Companies

It’s been 170 years since Charles Hager first started working in a blacksmith shop. And in that timespan, Hager Co. has grown from forging wheel rims for Conestoga wagons to offering more than 6,000 door hardware products. Today, the products created by Hager Companies can be found all over the world. And for good reason: they’re built to last.

We provide complimentary consulting services to help you navigate through the spec process. Whether it's a project with five doors or five thousand - a project that is due in a month or due yesterday - we are here to help.


ABLOY protects people, property, and business operations on land, at sea, and in the air – in all circumstances. Solutions created for users’ individual need extend from locking of homes to sites of operations requiring professionally provided high security.

Both the trust users place in us and our pioneering position are based on long-term endeavours – continuously developing new and innovative locking solutions and door-opening technologies that facilitate smooth entry and exit.

The ABLOY lock is 110 years old and is considered one of the most significant Finnish inventions.The lock and its inventor, Emil Henriksson, have an eventful history of making the world more safe and secure place.

For comprehensive ABLOY product portfolio please schedule a meeting with us.