Protec2 CLIQ®; One Solution - Unlimited Opportunities

The requirements for locking and access control are growing constantly. High-level security alone is not enough, solutions also need to be flexible and easy to use. By utilizing both electronic and mechanical technology, the double secured PROTEC2 CLIQ® offers comprehensive features in a single system. This can now also be combined with the CLIQ® Connect solution to add revolutionary mobile functionality.

The PROTEC2 CLIQ® system seamlessly integrates electronic and mechanical technology. Using our patented rotating disc cylinder mechanism, ABLOY PROTEC2 delivers exceptional mechanical security. Developed specifically to meet the needs of today’s dynamic market, the electronic CLIQ® technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and provides audit trails. The transfer of data between the system components is secured using the highest encryption.

Individual access rights based on clock and calendar data can be set for each employee and subcontractor. This ensures both the security of your site and the efficiency of operations: people can use a single key to access the only areas they have authorisation to enter. The duration of access rights can be set specifically for each user, such as for one day, or even just five minutes. Setting keys to be valid only for one working day can help improve security. Lost keys are no longer a security risk after the access rights expire. With the CLIQ® Connect solution the right to open the lock can be verified at the point of opening. The system also supports a real time audit trail. This helps increase security as well as efficiency, as it can be utilized in areas such as process and workflow management.